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Mac Thread, Magic mouse Lost Connection in Technical; Hi i have a Apple Magic mouse but its always losing Connection if i got to Bluetooth to and connect ...
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    Magic mouse Lost Connection

    i have a Apple Magic mouse but its always losing Connection if i got to Bluetooth to and connect it connects straight away and reports the battery as 84%. when it connects it can last between a minute and 5 minutes, its over a year old so i can't sent it back. when it works its great. anyone else got this problem.

    Thank you

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    Only time I had an issue like that was if i had more than two bluetooth connections and I also removed all other bluetooth profiles for other devices excluding magic trackpad and keyboard. If you got applecare for the mac you have within the first year and presume you got those with the mac then they should swap / repair it. Worth asking them ( apple ) to see if they will anyway. I think under eu laws you get 3 years cover ( not sure on this point )

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    this is a bit naughty but i used to work for apple and can inform you that the Apple Magic Mouse is what we call an un-serialized product which means there is no real way for the support reps to know if it is in or out of warranty so just give applecare a call and tell them you bought it not long ago but you've lost the receipt and they will more than likely just replace the mouse.

    you didn't hear that from me

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