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Mac Thread, Mac Only Network in Technical; Originally Posted by iSteve Sounds like you need to check your DNS for forward and reverse lookups. There's no reason ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by iSteve View Post
    Sounds like you need to check your DNS for forward and reverse lookups. There's no reason why a Mac should be any slower at accessing SMB shares or discovering Sib licence servers. Ours aren't.
    What do the macs use to discover sib servers? Bonjour or similar ? I did see mention of .Local causing issues with bonjour. Think thats correct

    Also smb signing settings on the 2003 server may have caused the macs issues? ( just a thought )

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    The macs are OD/AD integrated so use Windows DNS, and the Sib7 server is on a windows 2008 server. Windows XP/7 machines on the same network segment hit the license server so quick you hardly notice it. Forward and backward DNS resolution is fine on the macs, routing has been checked and once the initial connection has been made it tends to connect a lot quicker.

    I tried getting Avid to have a look at this, but it was a waste of breath!

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    Quote Originally Posted by quaium View Post
    We're about to setup a separate Mac only network which will have no connection with our existing Windows setup. I was wondering if anyone else had set something like this up and could offer some advice.

    Our biggest worry is storage for user home directories. We are leaning towards a NAS device but researching this shows that there can be some issues. What would be the recommendation? Something that will work well and will allow set up of automated home folders and permissions via Profile Manager.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
    I wouldn't recommend doing that. There is clearly something causing this problem on your network and you need to identify and fix that instead. We run more Macs than Windows clients on our "Windows" network and the Macs are faster at nearly everything, including logging in and connecting to shares.

    1. Are you using a .local domain for your Windows network? If so, you should rename your domain to something else. That fixed us for good here. Like night and day.

    2. Are you running 10.6 or 10.7/8? If 10.6 all I can see is we've seen dramatic performance improvements in 10.7 and 10.8 on our Windows network.

    3. Don't use the magic triangle if you don't need to. We only have our Macs bound to the AD server. With configuration profiles you don't need an OD server. If you use something like Casper you can even apply MCX settings without an OD server as well.

    The only other comment I would make is that AFP will always work better than SMB for Macs particular for searching. If you are going to use a separate storage device for the Macs than your Windows file servers, I would recommend building a FreeNAS box or buying one from ixsystems. They provide good native AFP support as well as SMB and NFS on top of a ZFS storage system. Very cost effective as well. Don't buy a cheap NAS box, they are mostly rubbish. You can build a really good FreeNAS box out of quality components for between $750-2,000 depending on how much storage and redundancy you need.
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