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Mac Thread, SSD for MacBook Pro (Mid 2010 15") in Technical; ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by soveryapt View Post
    do you recommend enabling TRIM as well for them?
    Enabling TRIM support for non-Apple SSDs involves patching a system file (IOAHCIBlockStorage.kext) so there is a risk involved.

    A (much safer) alternative would be to increase the size of the spare area on your SSD by partitioning it in Disk Utility (reducing the size of 'Macintosh HD' by 10-20%)...

    Exploring the Relationship Between Spare Area and Performance Consistency in Modern SSDs « AnandTech

    With more spare area, write amplification is lower. The controller has more room and thus flexibility with running its defragmentation and garbage collection algorithms. The dreaded read-modify-write scenario is triggered less frequently as there's less space pressure thanks to additional spare area. If you're testing in a full-drive scenario, there's simply less data to keep track of when you've got more NAND set aside as spare area. This keeps internal data structure footprints smaller by default, which also improves performance.

    It's because of this relationship between write amplification and spare area that we've always recommended setting aside 10-20% of your SSD and not filling it up entirely. Most modern controllers will do just fine if you partition the drive and leave the last 10-20% untouched.
    Of course, you could do neither of these things and simply let the drive do its stuff. It's up to you.
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    I've retrofitted SSDs from OWC, Samsung, and Sandisk into over 45 Macbook Pros (2009-2012 models), Mac Pro (2007 and 2010 models) and Mac Minis (2009 and 2010 models) over the past two years with zero failures so far and no compatibility issues. In fact the only SSD we've had fail was an Intel SSD that came factory installed from Apple on a 17" MacBook Pro that was CTO. That drive died after only 11 months.

    For performance the Samsung and OWC Extreme models offer the best performance and value I've seen.

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