I've spent the better part of my day researching this and there just does not seem to be a rather detailed document on "How to use "Scripts"w/ProfileManager Login".
I created a simple script which I have manually test with both local users & AD users on three separate desktops. It works every time. I've also tested it by placing ther scrip[t in the "Login Items" of a user and again works great.

The issue is that when I use the script via Profile Managers "Scripts" it just does not work. I've gone ahead and set the "EnableMCXLoginScripts" to "True" as well as set the "MCXScripTrust" to Anonymous, Authenticated etc. and nothing happens when I login with any user.
The description that Apple gives below about these areas of adjustment are incredibly vague. I've tried so many tasks and setups and still nothing.
Has anyone come across any description or setup on how to get this to work? It seems that it should be so simple yewt Apple has direction on how to do so.

Any help would be greatly apreciated!!!
Thank you,