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Mac Thread, Adding a shortcut to a desktop in Technical; Hi I've been asked to add a URL shortcut to the students desktops at one of the schools I work ...
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    Adding a shortcut to a desktop


    I've been asked to add a URL shortcut to the students desktops at one of the schools I work in, they are running mac Server 10.6 and macbooks on 10.6 (some 10.5 I think). the only way I can think of is to go into every single desktop folder and add it, as theirs 341 kids I would like to find a better way, any ideas?

    Many Thanks

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    If you have Apple Remote Desktop you can fix this in seconds. The setup I currently use (which will hopefully change to a script this summer) is to place the needed shortcuts in the default user template. By placing the shortcuts/links into the "Desktop" folder of the user template they will be added to every new user that logs into the computers.

    The issue you may run into through is if you run a non-frozen environment then any users that have already logged in and their home folder/user has already been created then this will not work.

    For an idea on how you can use the default home folder you can see more here:
    How to create an OS X Default Profile/Template & Bind to AD - 10.5 - 10.8


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