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    Question EasyTrace Printing with Apple iMac

    Hi all,

    We use EasyTrace BackOffice to manage our printing. When students print they use a swipe card to collect anything they print from any one of multiple printers sharing one queue. A swipe stand lists the docs they have in the print queue which are paused until they are released when they visit one of the printers. This system works well with our Windows clients however we are trying to integrate our Apple iMacs. We have no problem printing directly from a iMac to a network printer however this bypasses our print management.

    At the moment we can print to the EasyTrace queue from iMac however it appends the client’s IP to the owner field in the print queue, which also contains the username of the student. BackOffice uses this field to link the user to their swipe card so unless they match it doesn’t show the document sent from the iMac in the swipe stand queue. Is there a way to omit this IP from the owner field?

    I’d appreciate it if there is anyone with a similar setup who could share how their OSX clients are configured.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Hello Matt,

    Whilst Easytrace doesn't officially support printing from Mac's with our 'Follow me Print' Solution we do have some customers who have set this up. Please contact our support desk so that we can put you in contact with them. We will need to get their consent first to pass you their details. Also be aware that jobs spooled from Macs tend to be much larger when hitting the Easyprint Queue.

    Kind Regards

    Easytrace Support Team

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