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    iOS Volume App Purchase

    Just looking out if anyone is using the Apple iOS volume purchase store for their iOS devices.

    Great Idea, but having issues and no one at apple so far knows how to use it which is helpful.

    When I purchase any app developed by apple it works fantastically, Managed to save £80 on purchasing number of pages as well as keynote licenses. Once purchased using a mixture of profile manager, trusted certificates and apples basic MDM software I can push apps remote to devices off site, whilst managing preferences and restrictions.
    Anyway, when you try and purchase any other app, it will give the error shown in the screen shot attached. Apple do not seem to want to respond to any questions and their technicians even senior in business and education didn't even know the system existed,
    Anyone else experienced this

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    It definitely worked earlier in the year when we purchased a bunch on non-Apple apps. There was a post on this same error message last week, so I guess the problem is still ongoing: Apple Volume Purchase Programme (VPP) - problems (workaround within)

    Apple not responding to customer issues is 100% classic Apple, but there is no excuse for Apple reps not knowing about the system.
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    Thanks for the heads up on that post, will head over there and see if we can get anywhere

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