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Mac Thread, Slow Macbook Air - When in school in Technical; One of my teachers has a Macbook Air that she uses both at home and when in school. At home ...
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    Slow Macbook Air - When in school

    One of my teachers has a Macbook Air that she uses both at home and when in school. At home it's a lightship and logs on and runs as smooth and fast as it was designed to. In school it's an absolutely frustrating donkey. She called me down to have a look at it this morning - it had been powered on for 10 minutes and all that was happening was a blue screen with a movable mouse arrow on it. Removing the battery - waiting a minute or so - plugging in an external storage disk she uses then powering on got it to her desktop but everything on it is SLOW. Trying to launch Safari for example was a complete frustration and I have come back to my office to post this before going back to see if it's actually opened it. It's running on Wireless with a full signal.

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    I'd be looking at DNS and failed attempts to access Apple webservers in the proxy logs (but it's early and I may be misremembering/mixing up with IOS).

    What do the logs say?

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    Is she logging into the domain on it at school? Could be some of the AD settings aren't ideal - things like Force local home directory on startup disk.

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    cant apple devices have issues with domain that end .local as they use that for something?

    might be worth trying it with wifi off and a nic cable and just no network till its booted see if that helps

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