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Mac Thread, 10.8 WGM and Sidebar in Technical; Hi Guys Im after some more advice with configuring WGM. I have managed to configure and lockdown my macs, but ...
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    10.8 WGM and Sidebar

    Hi Guys

    Im after some more advice with configuring WGM.

    I have managed to configure and lockdown my macs, but one thing I am struggling with is removing the side bar, or ideally to be able to stop students from browsing the network.

    I've done some research and they all seem to mention about adding com.apple.sidebarlists into WGW. Only problem is that I cannot find any trace of this file what so ever. Its not in Library/Preference which seems to be the place most plists are stored.

    Can anyone suggets a way of removing the sidebar or stop students from browsing the network.

    Once Many thanks
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    From Finder, select Go from the top menu bar and then select Go To Folder...

    Then type ~/Library/Preferences/ and click Go. You will see com.apple.sidebarlist.plist in that folder.

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    In my days on 10.6 you couldn't disable the sidebar completely without turning on Simple Finder, and I wouldn't wish that on even the most annoying pupil!

    I can't remember how I modified the plist, but I also had to modify the Finder app itself to remove the entry from the 'Go' menu at the top, which can serve the same purpose.

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