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Mac Thread, Macs and Students with Dyslexia in Technical; Need some advice on this - wasnt sure where it was best posted: When our students are assessed by our ...
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    Macs and Students with Dyslexia

    Need some advice on this - wasnt sure where it was best posted:

    When our students are assessed by our ALS department they are often given a specific colourd background that helps them read text. So for some students its Yellow others Green etc. On our windows platform we can then make a change to the users profile so that when they login to a PC applications like MSWord automatically load up with the correct colour background and text combination.
    Has anyone done anything similar with a Mac? Ideally we only want the change to effect the relevant student but we are not sure how to do this. Or maybe a free utility that would allow them to do something simelar? Thanks

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    I've heard Nocturne being bandied about for Macs, but haven't used it and don't know what it would be like on a network.

    Just found this one as well: Screen shades
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