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Mac Thread, Administering Workgroup Manager in Technical; Hi All, Another day another question! (Sorry i am windows through and through) now i am stuck between a mountain ...
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    Administering Workgroup Manager

    Hi All,

    Another day another question! (Sorry i am windows through and through) now i am stuck between a mountain lion and Snow leopard!

    We have bought in a Mac mini to aid adminitering the Xserve from our office instead of remoting in all the time. My goal was to be able to have Workgroup manager running on the Mac Mini however i have a feeling there is a conflict with versions as when i am running the workgroup manager it just hangs.

    Currently the Xserve is OSX Server 10.5.8 and obviously having just purchased the Mac Mini it is on Mountain Lion 10.8.2

    I have downloaded the Workgroup manager 10.8 and that is what i suspect maybe the problem ( i was hoping it would work with old versions) and am trying to connect the workgroup manager 10.5.5 and sync on the server which is when it just hangs.

    Has anyone got any ideas or suggestions, in an ideal world we want to hold back on upgrading the Xserver for a little longer and just make do with what we have got as it is only supporting 12 Clients.

    Many thanks for your time and i hope all this made sense

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    It is always recommended that you administrate the server with the same version of workgroup manager. 10.6 + added a lot more features and changes to workgroup manager so I would be suprised if you could administrate a 10.5 server.


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    You might be able to bind to OD on the 10.8 mac and then open WGM, and at the connect screen press Command+D and then click the globe symbol to browse LDAPv3.

    This is not ideal though, due to the different OS versions.

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