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Mac Thread, I'm New Too... To the world of MAC... in Technical; Signed up so I can ask some, what some may see as BASIC questions, in relation to setting up a ...
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    Cool I'm New Too... To the world of MAC...

    Signed up so I can ask some, what some may see as BASIC questions, in relation to setting up a MAC OS X Lion server to be used as an MDM for an iPad deployment we are working on...
    Having used and administered MS since the phase out of NT - W2K3 and now 2008 server environments, this is just like going back to IT School to learn another lanuage... Struggling but getting there...

    The fellow that was tasked to work with me is an Ex Pilot and is more concerned about the content Management than what we were task to do - Remote Management (Lock, Find and if needed Wipe)...
    This is making the process a little hard as he has all ready deployed some of theses ipads using Apple Configurator - this allows for "Personal" Content Managemant and the user's don't mind the process required to retain thier content...

    I don't think that they will be all that ammused when I finally configure, TEST and deploy OUR test iPads prior to telling them that it's up and running (he won't, just get them to add device to MDM), once this happens they will loose a lot of their current abilities and I can see this will **** THEM OFF ... NMP!!!

    So that's me for now... No Doubt I'll see the MAC GURU's in those Forums ove the next month, Oh, did I mention that we are moving offices and I need to rebuild our internal Physical and Virtual Environments (time Frame - Approx 3wks - TESTED ready for the staff to walk in), and the wife asks why I just wanna buy a B&B somewhere and relax!!!!

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    If you want to find a lost device, lock or wipe it, there is an app for that - find my ipad. It should be built in, as find my phone is to the iphone.

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    If you devices are connected to exchange you can use remote wipe features and lock with that. Or you can look at Meraki System Manager which is a free MDM system.


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    <Pedant> MAC is Media Access Control. Mac is a coat, or an expensive Apple computer. </pedant>


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    and mac is ....a scotsman.

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