ZFS finally comes to OS X thanks to GreenBytes.

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What is ZEVO?
ZEVO is a current implementation of ZFS that has been adapted to integrate within the constraints of Apple’s Mac OS X runtime.

The core of ZEVO is ZFS. It will be very familiar to other ZFS deployments with a few areas that are slightly different due to some unique aspects of Mac OS X.

ZFS is a momentous, much needed and long-overdue improvement over Apple's status quo file system (HFS+) that was designed in the mid 1980s -- before the Internet existed!

Meet the ZEVO Community Edition
The ZEVO Community Edition builds on earlier versions of ZEVO and adds support for data redundancy, multiple filesystems and creating and browsing snapshots of your file systems.

In general terms, ZEVO Community Edition delivers pooled storage features like mirrored and RAID-Z redundancy that can also be dynamically striped for performance. Every single block of data in the storage pool is validated and verifiable with data scrubs (no more guessing if your data is intact!). To access this modern storage stack, a fully integrated modern file system is available with features like data integrity, concurrent metadata updates, native snapshots, built-in compression, efficient replication and dynamic block sizes.

ZEVO’s file system is fully integrated into the Mac’s unique OS environment and implements quotas, ACLs, and the HFS+ programming interfaces like search-fs, id lookups, bulk access calls and resource fork stream access.