Hi Guys,
I am currently in the process of creating a 802.1x configuration profile for our wireless system in Mountain Lion server's profile manager.
In the past for the small number of clients that ran Lion on their BYOD's I created a User Profile in iPhone Config Utility and that worked really well. In the WIFI tab under Enterprise Settings there was a Authentication Tab where I could specify the username for the connection to the the wireless network and I could specify the identity certificate.

But now that the latest batch of School issued MacBook Pros coming in are going to be imaged with Mountain Lion and will be authenticating via open directory over wifi. Something user profiles made with iPhone config utility can't accomplish.

So i went to create one in Profile Manager and replicated all the settings from the iPhone config utility file, and I cant seem to find the authentication tab where I specify the WIFI Credentials?!?!
I have imported the needed certificates but I can't seem to specify the Authentication settings!!!!

I would be most appreciative of a solution.