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Mac Thread, FileWave Lightning - New imaging tool for Lion and Mountain Lion in Technical; ...
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    FileWave Lightning - New imaging tool for Lion and Mountain Lion

    Although Lightning is primarily designed for imaging Mac's over Thunderbolt (hence the name), you can also use it to create images to deploy over the network via DeployStudio. The best thing about Lightning IMO is its simplicity since everything is done by drag-and-drop (as shown in the video below). Like InstaDMG, it creates clean images that have never been booted before so you are less likely to have problems in the future.

    Homepage / Download / Support Forum

    FileWave Lightning is the ultimate image creation and deployment tool using the new, ultra-fast, Thunderbolt™ technology. Lightning allows you to create clean, untouched, never-booted images based on 10.7 and 10.8 installer media. You can even create a local user account or bake in additional PKG's during creation. Already have ASR ready images created with another tool? No problem! Drag those DMGs into FileWave Lightning and they are ready to deploy at the fastest possible speed to your client machines.
    • Lightning fast imaging using Apple’s Thunderbolt™ technology
    • Create images from scratch using approved Apple imaging workflows
    • Customize and manage images from within the FileWave Lightning Image Library
    • Import legacy images into Lightning for rapid deployment of large images
    • Can be used to simplify Apple’s Thunderbolt Imaging workflow
    • Supports the OS X Mountain Lion Notification Center
    • Add any PKG's, or self-contained Apps to your Image
    • Also works over USB, FireWire, eSATA and many more...

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    Thanks for the heads up. Looks pretty damn cool!

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    Filewave is a great tool, just deployed at a couple of sites and has a lot of potential.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AshleyBishop View Post
    Filewave is a great tool, just deployed at a couple of sites and has a lot of potential.
    I'd be interested in if you've explored filewave any further. We're in the very early stages of planning and proposing a 1 to 1 iPad scheme to around 300-350 and are looking at the alternative packages and methods of deploying apps etc.

    Any thoughts would be helpful.

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