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London Grid for Learning (LGfL) Thread, LGFL 2.0 core network is completed. in Regional Broadband Consortiums (RBC); ...
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    LGFL 2.0 core network is completed.

    Welcome to your London Grid for Learning
    ​Last year LGfL announced it would work with Virgin Media Business to implement new technology in the realisation of a new, class-leading regional network designed to serve over 2500 schools for the next decade. We knew then that we had taken on a major challenge. Since that announcement we have reached some impressive milestones.

    A new, dedicated, fibre optic core network has been completed, on time, and on budget, across the Capital region. Two secure rings each with a capacity of 40Gbps, link four primary hubs, 8 secondary hubs and 57 points-of-presence – from which fibre is run out to local schools. The completion of the core network and points-of-presence across the region now makes the way clear to link up schools across the region in a programme that will extend through the months ahead. The central core network is over 175km long, which is longer than the M25! But the network is much more than just fibre; we are ensuring that this network runs smoothly across the entire Capital by various means including maintaining two high specification secure data centres, in Poplar and Orpington, which are resiliently powered and linked for instant back-up and synchronisation.

    Mark Heraghty, MD, Virgin Media Business said: "When we met with LGfL we agreed that the potential behind the LGfL’s LondonPSN initiative was vast, and so it stands to reason that the network to make this happen is of similar proportions. But the crucial issue here is that the LGfL community had the unique foresight to see that by joining forces and working together, this level of technological development was well within reach.”

    “This new network is not just going to enable a brighter more interactive learning future for years to come, but is also going to pave the way for every public sector organisation in the capital to benefit from a high-speed communications network, that will make existing and new IT work harder."

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    I understand that everybody is now off LGfL 1 and migrated to LGfL 2.0

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