Given that AV and filtering can be got through MS EES for peanuts... what services are you using that can't be got outside of the LGfL agreement?

Here is the price list for many of the resources offered by the RBCs, at individual school prices:

But you would need to pay someone to provide Federated Identity services.

The question I suppose is: who is looking out for schools now BECTA has gone? Or perhaps, who negotiated the deals that saw EES/Schools 3 / RBCs / Federated access to content at reasonable prices? Are they still 'in play'?

Now that Capita have bought a chunk of the market with the SSAT and LGfL approved BSF contract winning, LA favourite: Ramesys, and a major RBC infrastructure provider (Synetrix), as well being the owner of the dominant MIS, they are in a position to skew the market for education IT services in a way that others could only dream of.

But they are starting out with some rather competitive offers.

What power do the RBCs have? What would happen to Capita's prices if LGfLand other RBCs weren't there and the schools were isolated....

Is this the start of the Dark Ages, or the edu IT equivalent of the London Stock Exchange Big Bang?