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London Grid for Learning (LGfL) Thread, Thames Water cut fibre in Regional Broadband Consortiums (RBC); Some schools in the London area have lost connection due to this.. I expect as it Easter hoildays things may ...
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    Thames Water cut fibre

    Some schools in the London area have lost connection due to this.. I expect as it Easter hoildays things may not be at panic stations just yet

    BT still struggling to fix Olympic problems • The Register

    I like the last line
    There does seem to be some confusion as to the depth of the tunnel - BT Openreach said the tunnel was 32 metres below street level while Telstra International's statement said it was 34 feet from the surface. Thames Water reckons its tunnel digger was working at ten metres. 34 feet is 10.4 metres. We do hope no one has got their metric and Imperial measurements mixed up

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    Not just London schools! We are a reading based school that has a Metro VPN link that has been knocked out by this!

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    This kind of thing is a real nightmare - for once, I almost feel sorry for BT :-)

    it isn't even just a case of minor damage where they can re-splice; they reckon they're going to have to re-route and then join the cables. Glad I don't live anywhere near!

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    I do live near and luckily I wasn't affected at home, but at school, yes, we only just got back online today! All the local residents lost all phone and internet access from Saturday - Thursday! Reports are saying more than 75,000 homes and businesses were affected!

    Plus, the traffic lights went haywire on Saturday! The traffic on the A406 was complete madness because TfL couldn't control the lights to meet the traffic conditions.

    You should see what Thames Water have done to the area! The state of the roads are terrible. Temp traffic lights everywhere, congestion mayhem, all the way till April 2010!
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