Me and another local NM have been mulling over the idea of setting up a common interest group for NMs and equivalent in the Barnet area (always assuming, of course, that such a group doesn't already exist).

We forsee the group doing the following:

  • Discussing just about any item of interest to schools' IT staff
  • Recommending (and disrecommending) vendors and products
  • Maintaining a secure repository of what technologies and software are in use at member schools, so that we have resources to call upon when considering purchases or when problems arise
  • Devising common solutions to common problems
  • Share news, such as virus outbreaks, scams, sucess stories
  • Socialise (maybe)

If the group becaus large enough it could branch out into procurement, and act as a pressure group when required for dealings with bodies such as LGfL.

Meetings venues would rotate around the schools, perhaps with the hosting school chairing the meeting.

Please PM if interested.