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Links Thread, School Weather Stations in Links, Downloads and Scripts; It's been a while since we did this last, and given the weather the UK is going to get today ...
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    School Weather Stations

    It's been a while since we did this last, and given the weather the UK is going to get today I thought it would be a good time to collate a more up to date list.
    So if your school has a publicly visible online weather station, please post the link up on this thread so we can all take a look. If you know the make model and software used please list that as well. Please note this can be for any weather station regardless of the country they are in, so if you are in the US, Australia, and well, anywhere really, please post them up.

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    Please don't mock me for the rubbish web design :P

    Weather Station

    Weather Station is a Davis Vantage Pro 2

    Software is Weatherlink 5.9.3

    Some of the graphs are incorrect but I should be sorting it out over the summer.

  3. Thanks to TronXP from:

    Dos_Box (6th July 2012)

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    But always remember, whatever the weather's like in Newcastle - we don't wear coats!
    (Ex St Cuthbert's pupil)

    PS Nice info though - I'll get me mam to add it to her favourites

    PPS - Is the wind chill factor adjusted for Geordies or is it using international standards?
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    This is ours but it appears bust due to amount of rain we've had!

    St. Bede's Catholic School and Sixth Form College

    Here are some pics of what we have had to contend with.

    Home / Flash Flooding - June 2012 | St. Bede's Catholic School and Sixth Form College Gallery

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