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    Competition: Open Data Challenge: €20,000 To Win - 60 Days Left To Enter

    Link: Open Data Challenge

    What is it?

    European public bodies produce thousands upon thousands of datasets every year - about everything from how our tax money is spent to the quality of the air we breathe.

    We are challenging designers, developers, journalists, researchers and others to people to come up with something useful, valuable or interesting for European citizens, built using open data.

    There are four main strands to the competition:

    Ideas – Anyone can suggest an idea for projects which reuse public information to do something interesting or useful.

    Apps – Teams of developers can submit working applications which reuse public information.

    Visualisations – Designers, artists and others can submit interesting or insightful visual representations of public information.

    Datasets - Public bodies can submit newly opened up datasets, or developers can submit derived datasets which they've cleaned up, or linked together

    The competition is open for 60 days - from 5th April until 5th June midnight. The winners will be selected by an all star cast of open data gurus - and announced in mid June at the European Digital Assembly in Brussels.
    Who here on Edugeek will be entering?

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    I am, based on how road tax money is spent across the EU.

    Having been to near enough EVERY European country the state of roads differ greatly. Look at France who have the HIGHEST road tax rate, yet some of the most shocking road systems etc.

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