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    Two Security Advisory Sites Worth Recommending To Your Less Computer Literate Users

    Link 1: Malware Lab's Rogue Gallery | Lavasoft

    The Rogue Gallery, powered by the Malware Labs at Lavasoft, is a resource dedicated to keeping computer users safe from rogue security software. By providing a comprehensive database of current rogue security applications, you have the ability to clearly see what programs are considered rogue – and avoid them.

    Navigate the Rogue Gallery by displaying the latest threats or by searching for specific programs, listed in alphabetical order. Use the "Submit a Rogue" link to quickly and easily send any suspicious programs directly to Malware Labs to be analyzed.
    Link 2: Facecrooks Home Page

    Our mission is to monitor and chronicle the seedy, unsavory and sometimes silly side of social media. Seems like every day a story surfaces about someone getting busted for doing something stupid or shameless on Facebook®. We search the web for these stories and post them here for your amusement and convenience....

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