Link: Password-Protected, Shareable Notes

JotOnce is an online note making application. JotOnce is a web based scratch pad to share secured notes with the use of password. JotOnce is an effective technique to communicate, exchange and share notes using password protected and sharable notes. There are number of online note taking applications (like, Postica), but JotOnce stands out in terms of sheet simplicity of use (and lack of features).

With the help of JotOnce there are number of advantages from user point of view. With the help of JotOnce you can leave a message which is too large to be fitted in the voice mail. If you want to give a piece of information to group of people and did not have time to collect the email address of everyone then you can do this easily with the help of JotOnce. With JotOnce a single message can be delivered to many people at a single time. You can also set up the life time of the message and many other authentication.