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Links Thread, PC vs. Mac: A New Website That Compares Windows 7 To Mac OS X in Links, Downloads and Scripts; Link: PC vs Mac: The PC has Blu-ray capability, more software choices, and more! I am not a MAC user ...
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    PC vs. Mac: A New Website That Compares Windows 7 To Mac OS X

    Link: PC vs Mac: The PC has Blu-ray capability, more software choices, and more!

    I am not a MAC user but I think this site might be a little biased toward the Microsoft camp. [but then I guess it would be as it is hosted at Microsoft.COM]

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    I agree with you Dave, however, they do make valid points in each of the arguments.

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    Its a pointless argument really. Macs are aimed at simplicity. ie. they don't come bundled with 1000 different things built in.

    Do all users require a card reader? No. Many people own a printer with one built in. Or own a camera which when plugged in allows direct importing of pictures.

    BluRay is one of those things which Apple has my vote with - I don't see the value of them. I don't own a BluRay player, and have never needed a BluRay disc. With online streaming as popular as it is, and with it only getting better, I don't see any reason to buy anything BluRay.

    Gaming - meh. I don't buy computers for gaming, but then that's me.

    Talking about using prohjectors with VGA connectors is all well and good, but with projectors coming with HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort etc... VGA is starting to be replaced.

    Encryption. Why do you need to encrypt your whole hard disk? Oh no! Someone can get access to by applications... Its the documents that are important.

    Me? I'll buy a machine which does what I want. If that's a Windows PC, so be it. If its a mac, again so be it. etc...

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    I was kinda expecting Bill to pop up at some point with a picture of Steve Jobs yelling "My Dad's bigger than your Dad!"

    Is there any point in this?

    I think that Apple users and PC users will always have this argument. But, for my two-penneth.....Apple is all style over substance. I don't need a website to point that out to me. Neither do I need a website to tell me how great PC's are....cos the next time I see the BSoD, I'll just email it straight to Bill!!!!

    In much the same way as Betamax and VHS, this one will run and run.....but for a lot longer, as Apple have the capital to stay in the game, albeit fighting a very small corner.

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