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    45° Imagery on Google Maps

    Google maps now sports an additional view: Some of the areas covered have a bird's eye view. Yes Bing has had this for some time but I prefer Google Maps so for other who also prefer this delivery here's hoping this is just the start of a much wider service.

    Areas currently covered:

    Bloemfontein: South Africa
    Cape Town: South Africa
    Dortmund: Germany
    Durban: South Africa
    Johannesburg: South Africa
    Nelspruit: South Africa
    Oakland, CA Area
    Polokwane: South Africa
    Port Elizabeth: South Africa
    Portland, OR Area
    Pretoria: South Africa
    Rustenburg Surrounding Area: South Africa
    Sacramento, CA Area
    San Diego, CA Area
    San Jose, CA Area
    Santa Clara, CA Area
    Santa Cruz, CA Area
    Venice: Italy

    Link: 45° Imagery on Google Maps - Google Maps

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    Bing has been doing this for ages and I haven't come accross anywhere it's missing...

    I even used it to take a look at the condition of a house I was interested in (before releasing it was proberbly out of date)

    Example: http://www.bing.com/maps/default.asp...ster%20LE1%206

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