airTEXT is a unique air quality information service for people who live or work in London and who suffer from asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, heart disease or angina. If you have one of these conditions you may be affected by higher than normal levels of air pollution.

airTEXTis designed to alert you to pollution so that you can take some of the simple steps that help reduce the likelihood of any impacts. This includes taking your inhaler or angina spray with you, taking extra doses if symptoms worsen, and avoiding strenuous outdoor activity on polluted days. If you care for or are a parent of someone with these symptoms it may help you look after them better.

When air pollution levels are predicted to reach MODERATE or higher levels over more than one tenth of your zone, we will send you a free SMS message, a voice mail or an email, to warn you that pollution may be elevated. You can also view the detailed air pollution forecast maps on airTEXT London: air pollution forecasts & alerts.
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Link 2: airTEXT London: air pollution forecasts & alerts