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Links Thread, Looking For A Previous Version Of A Package? in Links, Downloads and Scripts; From time-to-time I need to get hold of an old version of a bit of software. Until this morning I ...
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    Looking For A Previous Version Of A Package?

    From time-to-time I need to get hold of an old version of a bit of software. Until this morning I had not realised that there are website that can help with this.

    Link 1: OldVersion.com

    ...OldVersion.com assists computer users who are unable to continually upgrade their computer. Those who find that their machine is not able to run the latest version of a certain application have no choice but to use an old version of the program. Unfortunately, the vast majority of software companies do not offer this opportunity. We are doing our small part to help bridge the digital divide by allowing everyone to enjoy the same software titles regardless of their hardware...
    Link 2: Version Download | Download Old Versions of Software!

    ...Not only are you able to download the previous versions of all types of freeware and open-source applications, but our blog provides insights into the best versions and highlights what features, layouts or compatibility issues make those versions so good. Furthermore, the forum at VersionDownload is a community where you can ask other users specific questions, give answers or just debate about different software...
    Link 3: Old Software.com - big archive of software in olds versions

    186 Programs Aviables in 1335 Versions
    Link 4: FileHippo.com - Download Free Software

    File Hippo keeps an archive of all the past versions of these applications for the user to download.

    Link 5: Old Version Downloads - OldApps.com

    ...OldApps.com caters to a different market of interest by providing older versions of the same useful programs...

  2. Thanks to DaveP from:

    Edu-IT (22nd June 2010)

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    I struggled to find a version of Google Earth on all those sites yet thanks to some foolishly (?) leaving their Squid web tracking open, I found a link. :P

    Thanks for the links though.

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    Filehippo is my site of choice seems to work well when following these annoying RM blueprints!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamo View Post
    Filehippo is my site of choice seems to work well when following these annoying RM blueprints!
    Same here. I love FileHippo; although I have stopped using RMs blueprints because as soon as I start, the program I'm creating a package for gets updated.

    Btw, don't forget Google e.g. http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=vlc-1.1.0-win32.exe

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