I am beginning a trial/evaluation of OpenOffice 3.2 Vs Microsoft 2007/2010.

When I found that OpenOffice does not support Microsoft Office 2007/2010 natively I started looking around for solutions [should we adopt OpenOffice] (Anyone got any ideas on that? I would be very pleased to hear what other schools, who are already using OpenOffice, are doing)

While researching this I found:

Link: Free Online Document Translator - Preserves your document's layout


Instantly translate and preserve the layout of Office documents using the Google Translate API.

Preserves the Layout of Your Original Document

Supports translations to and from more than 50 languages

It's Reliable Translations are performed by Google Translate

No File Size Limits on the documents you translate!

It's Free

It's Fast

No Installation required

No Registration, No Email Address required

Your documents and their contents remain Private & Secure*

* DocTranslator does not see, or store your documents anywhere. Data is only transferred between your computer and Google
Despite all of the disclaimers quoted above caution is advised about not uploading/using this service with documents containing sensitive information.

I have not tested this as I do not have any foreign language documents on hand and if I did I would not be able to verify the efficiency of the translation algorithm.

If you are able to test this and evaluate the results please post back and let us know what you find.