While browsing this evening I came across this website:


I haven't really seen anything of this ilk. There is an invitation to join in [which I haven't taken up: Too busy with other sites I have already signed up to] However the site reviews are searchable:

Entry for Digg.COM:

Digg.com is a social news website where people can discover and share content from anywhere on the internet. Members can submit stories, images, videos, and links to be voted up (digging) or down (burying) by the digg community. Many stories are submitted daily, but only the most "dugg" stories will appear on the home page. Users can also comment on stories, add friends, and much more.
There is also a 'Random Website' search which throws up reviews entered by users already signed up to the site. Some of the reviews look interesting: Some of the sites uncovered this way might be worth a look.