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Links Thread, School Mocks - Create Online Quizzes in Links, Downloads and Scripts; An E-Mail from School Mocks [WebAnywhere Limited] arrived in my inbox this morning: "School Mocks is an online quiz maker ...
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    School Mocks - Create Online Quizzes

    An E-Mail from School Mocks [WebAnywhere Limited] arrived in my inbox this morning:

    "School Mocks is an online quiz maker that marks your tests and quizzes for you.

    You simply create your quizzes and your learners take them online.

    - Link directly to quizzes from your website or emails
    - Create multiple choice, true false, and fill in the blank tests
    - Add your own images to quizzes
    - Embed tests and exams within your own website

    You can enquire by following the link below and filling in the web form:


    Or call 01535 604026 for a free account."

    And on the website:

    "School Mocks helps with the personalised learning agenda and can help save time whilst raising standards.

    School Mocks is an online quiz-making tool for teachers.

    Setting up a new test is quick and easy, and as the application is web-based, it can be used from almost anywhere.

    There is no limit on the amount of tests that can be created, and they are organised on the site by class, by subject, by Key Stage or by National Curriculum level.

    The tests can also be embedded into your school website, which not only makes using the tool more convenient for pupils, but also generates more visits to the site."

    There are lots of tests already setup on the site by other schools/teachers [over 200]:

    I have attached a Word document summarising the tests already created by other schools/staff.

    While I have been contacted by these people before I wanted to find out if others have used them/this. I have E-Mailed staff with details of the message which came to me this morning [see above] but I thought I would canvas opinion and let others know who had not yet been contacted.
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