Link: An interactive map of photographs taken by astronauts from the ISS

Using the map:
  • Left-click any pin for more details (tweet date is Atlantic time);
  • Bookmarks "zoom to" various zoom levels;
  • Move map around (ie pan): hold down left mouse and drag;
  • Various basemaps are used as you zoom in / out.

The underlying basemap and mapping technology are hosted by Esri; the icon locations are maintained in an online CSV file that, in turn, is produced from a Google Drive spreadsheet. Any changes to that spreadsheet (by COGS students and me) are automatically promulgated on to the map; icons refresh each minute. For an article on this, clickhere (new window).

Project for Earthlings to contribute ISS sightings: (new window).
Tweet map for Missions 38 & (new window).
Another for Missions 36-37: (new window).
One for Missions 34 & (new window).

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Photos & tweets are by @Astro_Alex, @Astro_Reid, @OlegMKS, & non-Astro (especially @pc0101) people - notify me if you'd like your material removed.
Cameras: Nikon D2X & D3S. More camera & mission info here (new window).
Watch ISS position real-time here (new window).
The NASA high-resolution images are maintained here (new window) > Find Photos > Search > "Mission-Roll-Frame".

To see some ISS-sourced tweets with many other data sources, have a look at (new window).

Students will use this as an idea-starter upon which to model their assignments / projects.

Map content is a work in progress; map format/Details edited 12 May 2014...