The main purpose of WIKISKY is to consolidate astronomical, astrophysical and other information about different space objects and astrophysical facts.We hope to achieve this purpose using the principle of visualization. When a person reads an article about a star, the star is only the abstraction for that reader. The person cannot emotionally feel the reality of the star without actually seeing it. We strive to create an extremely detailed sky map to help everybody to better understand the information gathering about any space object and various phenomena connected with those space objects.

There is the list of the functions that have already been implemented in our system:

  • The system can display about 500 millions the space objects of the star sky.
  • Information on every object maybe complemented and edited.
  • There is an easy search of the objects in place.
  • The users can upload the photographs of the districts of the star sky and integrate the objects on the map with the objects on the photographs.
  • The first version of API is implemented.

In present moment we continue to work on the following elements of the system:

  • The additional catalogues of the objects should be included in the system. The system will reflect galaxies, nebulas, and invisible in optical diapason objects.
  • The objects will be integrated into the different groups.
  • The priority system will be implemented. It will allow assignments of moderators. A moderator should be a specialist who can receive administrative access to the objects of his interest.
  • The enhanced search will carry out the complex retrieval and look-up of the objects. The result of the search can be put on the map or retained locally as a text file.
  • We would like to include more functions in our system. These functions should be useful for specialists. Some of the functions will carry out statistical or other analyses of samplings. Other functions might not be connected to the objects at all. We would require the assistance of specialists to accomplish our ambitious plans. If you would like to help, please do not hesitate to email or call us.