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Science News-Letter was renamed Science News in 1966 and its online component was launched in 1996. Now updated continuously online, Science News attracts nearly five million unique online viewers annually.

  • In 2003, Science Service launched Science News for Kids. This freely accessible online publication provides interactive interfaces and science news to students, parents, and educators, and is designed to appeal to ages 9 through 14.
  • In 2011, SSP launched Science News Prime, a new publication available on the iPad.
  • In 2013, SSP began offering an all-in-one membership and subscription offer that allows subscribers to access Science News in their preferred format, whether that is in print, in your inbox, or on your iPad, tablet, or smartphone. In addition, Science News for Kids was renamed Science News for Students and additional educational content was added to the site to better reflect our increasing focus on providing resources aimed at classroom curricula...