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    For Your Earth Scientists: Near Real-Time Satellite Pics Of Earth: Beta Invite

    Link 1: UrtheCast - The Earth Video Camera [Beta invite request]

    Once installed on the International Space Station, UrtheCast's two cameras will highlight the beauty of our continuously evolving planet. Streamed from the ISS, you’ll see footage and pictures of your favorite places in near-realtime.
    Link 2: EOSDIS Worldview

    This tool from NASA's EOSDIS allows you to interactively browse global satellite imagery within hours of it being acquired. Use the features described below to find interesting imagery, then save and share what you find.

    Use the Product Picker on the left to choose the type of imagery to display on the map.

    Use the Date Slider on the bottom to choose the date of the observations.

    Use the Tool Bar at the top to see other tools for changing and saving the view.

    Use the Map itself to pan or zoom in on an area.
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