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    Learn Linux The Hard Way

    The best way to learn.

    Website: Learn Linux The Hard Way

    This is a simple guide written in “Learn X the hard way” style, author of which is Zed A. Shaw. The purpose of it is to give you some experience in working with Unix-like system. There are many good UNIX-Like systems out there, for example FreeBSD, OpenBSD, OpenSolaris and even MAC OS X, just to name a few. When deciding which system to use in this guide I chose Linux mainly because it is most popular UNIX-like server operating system, which means what you have much bigger chance encountering it in the wild in comparison to other UNIX derivatives. And Linux-related skills are relatively easy transferable to other UNIX-likes.
    To complete the tasks you need the following setup

    • A computer with Internet connection.
    • A bit of spare time.
    • Patience.
    Exercise 0. The setup
    Exercise 1. Text Editor, The: vim
    Exercise 2. Text Viewer, The: less is More
    Exercise 3. Bash: the shell, .profile, .bashrc, .bash_history
    Exercise 4. Bash: working with files, pwd, ls, cp, mv, rm
    Exercise 5. Bash: environment variables, set, export
    Exercise 6. Bash: language settings, LANG, dpkg-reconfigure locales
    Exercise 7. Bash: redirection, stdin, stdout, stderr, >, >>, |, tee, pv
    Exercise 8. Bash: more on redirection and filtering: grep, awk, sed
    Exercise 9. Bash: job control, jobs, fg
    Exercise 10. Bash: exit code or return status
    Exercise 11. Bash: wrapping up
    Exercise 12. Documentation: man, info
    Exercise 13. Documentation: Google
    Exercise 14. Package management: Debian package management utility aptitude
    Exercise 15. System boot: runlevels, /etc/init.d, rcconf, update-rc.d
    Exercise 16. Processes: working with proccesses, ps, kill
    Exercise 17. Job schedulers: cron, at
    Exercise 18. Logging, /var/log, rsyslog, logger
    Exercise 19. Filesystems: mounting, mount, /etc/fstab
    Exercise 20. Filesystems: creating and modifying filesystems, mkfs, tune2fs
    Exercise 21. Filesystems: changing root directory, chroot
    Exercise 22. Filesystems: moving data arount: tar, dd
    Exercise 23. Filesystems: security permissions, chown, chmod
    Exercise 24. Networking: interface configuration, ifconfig, netstat, iproute2, ss
    Exercise 25. Networking: configuration files, /etc/network/interfaces
    Exercise 26. Networking: packet filter configuration, iptables
    Exercise 27. Networking: secure shell, ssh, sshd, scp
    Exercise 28. Performance: getting performance stats, uptime, free, top
    Exercise 29. Kernel: kernel messages, dmesg
    Exercise 30. Lather, Rinse, Repeat: The Grand Rote Learning
    What to do next

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    Pssht, best way to learn is making your own distro using LFS... Linux From Scratch

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