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Links Thread, For Your History And RI Teachers: The Dead Sea Scrolls Online in Links, Downloads and Scripts; ...
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    For Your History And RI Teachers: The Dead Sea Scrolls Online

    Link: The Dead Sea Scrolls - Home

    The Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) is very proud to present the Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library, a free online digitized virtual library of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Hundreds of manuscripts made up of thousands of fragments – discovered from 1947 and until the early 1960’s in the Judean Desert along the western shore of the Dead Sea – are now available to the public online. The high resolution images are extremely detailed and can be accessed through various search options on the site...

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    The Dead Sea Scrolls are the most prominent historical record of this generation. Many have been waiting to see the original files. The biggest collection of Dead Sea Scrolls has been housed in the Israel Museum, which has experienced criticism about the restricted access they supply to the files. Now, worldwide admittance to the files is being provided on the internet with the help of Google search engine. Here is the link: Dead Sea Scrolls.

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