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    For Your Historians: London Sewers And Main Drainage

    Link: London Sewers & London's Main Drainage | sub-urban.com

    Iíve always been inclined to poke my nose (followed swiftly thereafter by the rest of my person) into places itís not generally advisable to do so. Growing up in the 1980s with an industrial metropolis as a playground nurtured an inquisitive nature in myself and my peers. Amongst streets where cotton mills, cobbles and concrete wastelands were the norm everything was an adventure and every dark corner extended an invite. When we had exhausted all apparent avenues of diversion we took up torches and headed underground, where our true adventures began!

    Exploring underground drains (primarily stream and river culverts) gripped our intrepid group of neighbourhood friends for years, some of us more so than others. Later, life intervened and split our sub-urban faction. Teen years rolled into twenties and drains became a thing of childhood abandon. Then, some hundred miles removed from those cotton mills, nostalgia set in and I took up a torch once more

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    Here's what I get from our web filter.

    Blocked request: Policy violation
    Reason: Criminal Activity sites are blocked

    Must be on account of those smugglers who are using the sewers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by unixman_again View Post
    Blocked request:.

    Don't worry I've called a plumber for you

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