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Licensing Questions Thread, Microsoft Licensing VDI and SCCM in Technical; Project that I hope to be working on soon are deploying Citrix VDI-in a-Box and deploying Forefront Endpoint. We currently ...
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    Microsoft Licensing VDI and SCCM

    Project that I hope to be working on soon are deploying Citrix VDI-in a-Box and deploying Forefront Endpoint.

    We currently have have Microsoft's EES with Core CALs.

    What additional Licensing do I need to deploy VDI, I have been told that I need Enterprise CALs as this will cover everything I am wanting to do and get the most of SCCM. However, I am still unsure and want to do this the cheapest way possible.

    1 - What additional Licenses do I need to deploy VDI over and above EES ?

    2 - Generally what is the price difference between Core and Enterprise CALs

    3 - Anyone know the good companies to get good deals on both Microsoft and Citrix licenses - we are currently with RM for EES?

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    Our understanding from our EES guys is that the cals that come with EES cover VDI setups (and we use VDI in a box here as well) so there shouldn't be any problems there.

    Can't say about SCCM though.

    We have used Softcat in the past for EES and I can suggest BIST, and Unique Network Solutions, HRC3 for VDI in a box.

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    AFAIK VDA licenses (Virtual desktop access) are free with windows clients, but if you want to use non-windows clients you need to buy a VDA license, not sure about whether these are covered in a standard EES package, terminal services licenses are not.

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    Hi guys,

    The CALs bundled in the Core CAL Suite (with Edu Desktop - approx. 35) or the Enterprise CAL Suite (with Edu Desktop - approx. 40) do not provide any rights for VDI with VDI-in-a-Box/XenDesktop/VMview etc.

    The rights to connect to a Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop are granted from any institution-owned device that is covered with active Software Assurance (included with EES). For this to be valid for the Windows 7 Enterprise Upgrade included with EES, an original OEM license is required for the client hardware.

    If a Linux device or Thin Client (or a non-institution-owned device) is used, then a Microsoft VDA license is required.

    Microsoft Terminal Services/Remote Desktop Services (RDS) CALs (not included in the CAL suites) will only cover you for connections to 'hosted shared desktops' and virtual/remote applications using RDS or Citrix XenApp.

    I know that Citrix have done some integration work with XenDesktop and System Centre to manage pooled desktops with the personal vDisk option, but not sure how this compares to VDI-in-a-Box at this time. I'd just try and work out what makes the most sense for you - i.e. use SCCM for updates/FEP vs. the master VM image.

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