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Licensing Questions Thread, Microsoft Anti-Piracy Abuse? in Technical; Has anyone else had threatening communication from Microsoft's anti piracy? We were in the middle of our 3 year renewal ...
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    Microsoft Anti-Piracy Abuse?

    Has anyone else had threatening communication from Microsoft's anti piracy?

    We were in the middle of our 3 year renewal but the VARs could not get their act together and so delayed us. I received some email from Microsoft's anti piracy office stating that I could be held personally liable for copyright violations. I explained that we started the process before our previous licenses expired and that we were waiting for their VARs to present us with a quote. They persisted. I sent a cease and desist request. They persisted. They even called me after we made the purchase!

    There is nothing like this treatment to make you want to get rid of Microsoft. Everything we do is Microsoft, but we just visited another school that runs all Mac, Google Apps, Linux with 1700 students and they are REALLY happy!

    This is strange that we are obliged to demonstrate we are obeying the law. Has anyone else had similar experiences?

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    I've heard of MS sending out random emails to scare people into making sure they are compliant. I've also heard of companies "Acting on behalf of MS" calling to try and get sales by telling the end user they are under licensed.

    Usually MS themselves give you a bit of time after it expires to sort it out. They don't have to but usually do

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