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Licensing Questions Thread, OSX Lion and iLife license in Technical; Hi all, We are currently looking at upgrading from snow leopard to osx lion, but have been told that we ...
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    OSX Lion and iLife license

    Hi all,

    We are currently looking at upgrading from snow leopard to osx lion, but have been told that we will need to purchase new ilife licenses?! - I'm not sure whether this is the case or not and just need a bit of advice really. We are running 17 snow leopard clients, and due to unforseen circumstances, having 8 macs stolen, we were shipped the replacement 8 with Lion installed - hence why we are upgrading. Does anybody here know how Apple 'do' licensing for different OS's? Surely if we already have the 17 snow leopard clients licensed then why do we need to RE-LICENSE them on upgrading to Lion? Or is this how Apple work? I just can't get my head around it at the moment! Any advice/thoughts greatly appreciated.


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    iLife is separate from the OS. You do not need to purchase new iLife licences unless upgrading to a later version of iPhoto, Garageband or iMovie. If your 10.6 Macs came with iLife 09 then you are licensed for iLife 09 for those machines, if you want 11 you need to pay to upgrade for each Mac on 09. Your 10.7 Macs if new will include iLife 11, the only issue that may occur if you don't upgrade the 10.6 clients to match the iLife version on the 10.7 clients is projects may not open in an older version.

    We run iLife 09 just fine on Macs upgraded to 10.7. iLife 11 has some cool new features, but unfortunately a lot of bloat IMO, but it gets better with every update.

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