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Licensing Questions Thread, Downloading of YouTube videos for student assemblies in Technical; By re-use of CC video it appears to only be by using the YouTube video editor in order to use ...
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    By re-use of CC video it appears to only be by using the YouTube video editor in order to use the video in one that you then make yourself not the actual downloading and re-use of such video.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Arthur View Post
    If you can, then obviously the OP can limit his search to CC videos only.
    I would suspect that's not the content that's wanted. Where we've found useful material on YouTube or other web based video services, we've tried to find out if we can get a better quality version of the video for free and permission to use it either standalone or on our eStream system. Only time we've had a no was National Geographic as it didn't fit their business model and even then they were extremely polite and helpful.

    The threads on EduGeek re YouTube tend be be a huge disappointment. On other threads we bang on about the quality of the network, security, software licensing, professionalism, investment in training and buying the best kit and then seem to bend over backwards to deliver poor quality video/audio content with little care for copyright or the educational value of the material. YouTube threads generally seem to bring out too much Geek and too little Edu.

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    I realise that it's against the T&C to download videos for offline viewing but, given the number of methods available, I wonder if the massive number of users doing just that might make it not worthwhile their taking action against anyone found to have downloaded videos? The analogy I would offer is the fact that it was common to make a digital copy of a music CD that one owned. It was against the law but it was done so frequently that the authorities' eyes were "closed". As far as I know, the law has changed now to make such copying of owned material for personal use legal.

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