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    VMWARE View and MS Schools Agreement

    Hi All,

    Sorry Iíve not posted in a while been super busy! Anyway down to the nitty gritty I'm doing a VMware View install and I'm trying to wrap my head around the license requirements.

    We currently are going to trial it on 200 PC's which we are replacing with thin clients certified to run Flash/Video. This means we'll have to create a stock image of windows 7 then create 200 VM's. Can I simply transfer the license from the existing PC's (XP Pro) and upgrade or do I need to purchase any special types of licenses now that MS has changed the virtualisation section of the agreement? We're not going to EES until 2014, so thatís out the window.

    Iím assuming weíre going to need:
    SQL 2008 + 2 x Windows Server 2008 + 200 XP Pro + 2x ESX + Vmware View x 200 (I believe we can get the vmware licenses in a bundle)
    We think we have the hardware down but not the licences.

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    I'm not 100% sure myself but i can arrange a conf call with VMware for you if you wish? Run though what you're trying to achieve and they'll tell you how to get there.


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