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Licensing Questions Thread, Staff taking ownership of laptops in Technical; Securely wipe, rebuild to factory defaults (mainly just load from the CDs is came with so that will put back ...
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    Securely wipe, rebuild to factory defaults (mainly just load from the CDs is came with so that will put back on the OEM licence of Windows) and do a transfer of ownership with no liability.

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    Secure wipe, give em the discs.



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    As it happened it all became a bit of a non-issue - the reason Science wanted the laptop back was so that a returning staff member could have it as their workstation in an office, but we'd had a PC sitting in a cupboard since September waiting for them to say they wanted it putting in. So Science have an actual computer, Art teacher has the laptop still (as school equipment given to prepare material for lessons, i.e. Photoshop), and everyone is happy and still friends.

    Hopefully the question never comes up because no-one can find the original CD or paperwork for the laptop; it was bought for Science by the Community Liaison with the blessing of the Network Manager before the last NM. So as far as this laptop is concerned, it can never be given to a home user.

    Any other laptop that we have the CD for, I'd wipe it, fill the HDD with random junk a few times just to be safe and then re-install the OEM licence anyway. I only asked this time as the OEM key wasn't handy.

    And, of course, the sheet signing the equipment over would be written in size 32 Arial saying "THERE IS NO IT SUPPORT FOR THIS FROM THE SCHOOL, IF YOU BRING IT IN WITH A PROBLEM WE WILL LAUGH IN YOUR FACE" because you can apparently never state that clearly enough.

    Cheers to everyone for chipping in though, still!

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