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Licensing Questions Thread, macromedia Licensing for teachers home use in Technical; I have a site license for macromedia suite 2004 our head of IT wants me to put it on a ...
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    macromedia Licensing for teachers home use

    I have a site license for macromedia suite 2004 our head of IT wants me to put it on a school laptop for home use is this allowed in the term of the site license i have checked on the Adobe site but cant find any info on this

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    Hi Sammy. It's hard to advise on Macromedia now. The company was subsumed into Adobe as you know, and when that happened the terms and conditions of use no doubt changed. Under the current licence terms the K12 site licence, whether purchased under the TLP or CLP schemes, DOES allow for teacher's home use rights. The FAQ for the site licence is here: frequently asked questions | Adobe Volume Licensing However, I stress that the current CS5 site licences may not have the same terms and conditions as the old Macromedia ones, so you really need to contact Adobe to clarify. They may try to urge you to buy CS5 in order to have home use rights. Contact form is here https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform...e=open_options

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    Our Macromedia 8 Suite site licence specifies xxx number of installations allowed in school and yyy number of installations on teacher's personal computers, is there nothing similar on the MX2004 certificate?

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    I'm not up on this, and especially not with Macromedia / Adobe, however i thought home use, meant when it specifically states teachers may take a copy home for their own computer, for class prep' etc. This often covers students too.

    A site licence should cover any school laptop, and therefore, i don't see that they can stop you using it offsite, unless it explicitly states that you can't.

    It would be different if it was installed onto a teacher's own laptop that they brought in for school use, and then wanted to take home.

    If the links don't answer the question, best to ask your reseller for confirmation.

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