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Licensing Questions Thread, Canon Uniflow in Technical; Does anyone know what the prices for this Print Management software would be? Regards, Ben...
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    Canon Uniflow

    Does anyone know what the prices for this Print Management software would be?

    Regards, Ben

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    flippin expensive... not for schools budgets.. we had a quote can't remember exactly how much.

    We had a quote from pcounter and safecom aswell, after opting for safecom it was installed then costs escalated as the system is modular (same as uniflow) so the contrat was terminated an the product uninstalled..

    In the end we went for Papercut, does everything we require is is cheap to implement.. aslong as your copiers are compatible with the embedded software.. we have canon copiers which meant we had to purchase external copy tracking device (£500 each x 3) but it still work out cheaper than both uniflow an safecom..


    The guys above deal with papercut they are very good.. they never gave up on on of our copiers that refused to print..
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    Uniflow is a great system having used it in the past at a few places i have been.
    Now one of the issues with Uniflow is it can be expensive, go and compare it to the cost of papercut as adampat84 suggests you can find a list of local resellers here papercut reseller uk - Google Search or talk to the copier dealer you know and see if they can provide papercut (or other options)

    The worst thing about Uniflow is being tied to Canon machines, thats not to say Canon machines are no good its just that in 2 years time you may change your mind and want to move to Konica or Ricoh etc and you cant as uniflow wont work on non canon machines.

    To answer the question is a bit tough as a lot of canon dealers will bury the cost of software into the copier contract so it will always be hard to get a price, from everyone i have talked to they say its not cheap

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