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Licensing Questions Thread, iTunes in Technical; Can someone let me know the ins and outs regarding DRM and licensing aspects regarding itunes please ? Our music ...
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    Can someone let me know the ins and outs regarding DRM and licensing aspects regarding itunes please ?
    Our music department wants iTunes installed but I am not sure if I will be able to take the music off the PC and then say make a CD of it etc for productions and other various work.
    Is it track specific or is it more controlled ? Would apprecaite a heads up.


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    I'm not sure how it works with music, but apps for the iphone are on a per-user bases (itunes user account).

    I don't know how music can work that way because I can copy and do what I like with the music I download.

    Not sure if that helps any!

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    For the DRM stuff you can't burn it on to CD, the DRM physically prevents this. iTunes will allow you to activate up to 5 computers with the same account and legally run the music on. I think there is also a device limit for iPhone/iPod but unsure for certain.

    Not sure what the legalities are of the DRM free iTunes+ music, which I think most new tracks are these days. Technically you can burn them to CD or play them on any number of computers. Might be against copyright though?

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    sorry to drag up an old thread but I've just had to copy a staff members 'my music' folder to the new server but I've just tried to play a couple of tracks from the itunes folder in there and they are blank. to my understanding this is due to DRM, If the staff memeber just loads up itunes and logs in should they be able to play them again?

    I fear an earfull after descovering this.

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