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Licensing Questions Thread, Unsure exactly what licenses are needed in Technical; Hi all, I am about to purchase two new servers to replace one old one that not efficient anymore. I ...
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    Unsure exactly what licenses are needed

    Hi all,

    I am about to purchase two new servers to replace one old one that not efficient anymore.

    I want to ensure that I have all the right licenses.

    I want one server that will be the Primary Domain Controller with AD, data and Backup drive. The other server will be for Exchange, AV and printing.

    As each device will be connecting to both servers, does that mean each device requires two CALS? (I have already worked out that device CALs are better for us than user CALs).

    Also will each server require an external connector license to cover us for when staff work at home and check emails at home etc?

    Does each server need to have its own license too?

    If anyone could provide basic list of what we need then I would very much appreciate it.

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    No, CALs cover all servers. So if you have 10 servers and 200 computers connecting, you'd have 200 device CALs.

    Each server also needs a Windows Server license.

    You'll also need an Exchange license, and associated CALs.

    Not sure about external connector licenses - never looked at these myself.

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    External Connectors are for people who are not part of the organisation to connect (e.g. General public, parent, etc).
    You'd need user CAL's for the staff who need to connect from home in addition to the device CAL's for the machines in school.

    If a member of staff has a PC only they use in school, you can get away with just a user CAL for that member of staff and it'll cover them for use at home and the school machine. If other people use that school machine, you need a device CAL also.

    Windows Server 2008 R2: Client Licensing
    External Connector Licensing Overview
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    Hi LeonieCol

    Microsoft Lcicensing can be a minefield but once you understand all there rules it does become alot easier. For the Scenario you have outlined lets say you have 100 machines and 300 Pupils/staff.

    Microsoft CALS can be licensed either by User or Device which is ever the the most cost effect route per scenario. They are also non server specific what this means is that 1 CAL can access any server of the same version or below.

    i.e a Windows 2008 Server Device CAL can access any Windows 2008 or 2003 or below server on its network.

    In the Scenario you have outlines and the quantites i mentions above you would need

    2 x Windows Server 2008 Std Licences
    100 x Windows Server 2008 Device CALS.

    External Connector licences is licensed per server and allows external access for non affiliated personnel (customers/suppliers etc) to access your network. These would not fit your scenario.

    If it is Staff you are licensing then you would just need to purchase an additional CAL to cover there home Usage, if it is a student then they have there own CALS (very cheap) to cover there usage at home.

    Also Some products have home usage rights depending on the product and licensing Scheme you are on.

    I hope this helps, if you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask

    Shaun Dibble
    Microsoft MCP for Licensing

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