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Licensing Questions Thread, RM / MS Licensing Question in Technical; Hi, we are looking at moving away from our RM CC3.2 network in the next few months to go with ...
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    RM / MS Licensing Question

    Hi, we are looking at moving away from our RM CC3.2 network in the next few months to go with a vanilla MS solution using WDS, MDT2010 etc. We will upgrade the servers now to 2008 R2 and their CAL's, so the server side would be covered.

    The question is has anyone done this migration route, and if so did you have to buy any new licenses to replace the RM clients as we will still be using XP until next summer. We would also like to retain our 'RM Office' application until the OS is updated.

    Thanks !

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    Hi, we did this last year. We kept the RM clients but just put vanilla XP on them. I believe as long as you have your RM licences then you are still licensed to use XP.

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    tazz is correct, RM sell the XP licences with the hardware. You're fine as long as you've haven't peeled the licence stickers off the side (which you technically shouldn't ever do anyway). They typically also sell Microsoft Office as a perpetual licence, so you should be good for that too.

    If you are using RM Virus Protect (a.k.a. Symantec Antivirus), I believe you will need to replace that as it is only licensed for use on a CC3 network. I couldn't state this categorically, however, and since it's paid for annually you'd need to spend that money anyway.

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