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Licensing Questions Thread, Exchange server costings in Technical; How about a hosted av and spam filtering. Don't know about that particular one, but when something like 95% of ...
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    How about a hosted av and spam filtering.
    Don't know about that particular one, but when something like 95% of mail is spam+bad stuff if you can get that filtered out upstream then I would. The risk is you won't be in charge of what they filter, but it's not necessarily that easy to be properly in charge when you've got it locally.

    i'd be looking at 8GB RAM.
    That's what I spec., largely based on MS saying that's pretty much the maximum for a single Exchange box, however a while ago someone on here said they seem to get better performance out of Exchanges (2007 at the time) with 16GB.

    But for that number of users 8GB should be truckloads, just make sure you've got some spare slots in case manglement get to like it and later want all the kids to have mailboxes.

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    Forefront for exhange does the job for us

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    Schools Agreement hopefully should make it cheap for you. Do you buy the desktop pack lics for your pc's? I believe they include a exchange connector cal which covers you for that. Now I am pretty sure exchange is very cheap per year under SA, I have not seen the prices for a bit but I really thought it was cheap but I will have a look tomorrow.
    You should email your SA account manager and ask him about what your covered for now and how much it is for the exchange lic per year.
    Then you can use exchange's own antispam which is not bad, puremessage which we have had great experiences with here tbh (version 3) and its cheap, Microsofts TMG 2010 (aka isa 2010) which can do spam, MS forefront for exchange all as possible cheap options. Ask your SA guy for prices per year for all them and let us know how you get on.

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    You have options - depending on your future plans both Select or a Schools Agreement would work for you. Each have pro's and con's to consider.
    Happy to discuss if need be.
    On AV - well - often I find its personal preference, although of course the footprint of them can vary from vendor to vender so that would be something to consider.

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