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Licensing Questions Thread, Adobe CLP License in Technical; Hi I was wondering if someone may be able to advise me on a recent email I received regarding the ...
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    Adobe CLP License


    I was wondering if someone may be able to advise me on a recent email I received regarding the school Adobe CS3 site license.

    I received an email from Adobe which said "It is time to renew your Adobe CLP membership
    Action Required"

    Your current number of CLP points qualifies you to automatically renew into Discount Level S

    I was under the impression that once you paid for adobe license once, unless you wanted to upgrade to the newer version, you wouldn't need to pay any more.

    Is this the case or do I have my wires crossed.

    It mentions in the email

    "Your CLP membership can be renewed http://www.adobe.com/aboutadobe/open...ommercial.html Online . In order to ensure uninterrupted CLP membership, you will need to submit your renewal at least 10 days prior the expiration date. Please note that without this renewal, Adobe will no longer be able to offer you the benefits of the CLP program."

    Does this mean that we wont get some additional benefits because we dont renew?

    If someone could clarify this for me it would be most appreciated. It be good to hear from schools who have a Adobe CS3 site license. I remember purchasing the software from Ramesys, at the time they were offering good deals.


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    The way I understood Adobe licensing worked was you say buy 500 licenses for cs3 and each license gives you a CLP discount point say (its not 1 point but you get the idea) which all accumulates to give you cheaper licenses. I think what they are trying to say is you earned a level S discount from licenses you bought but the discount/points expire after say 2 years if you have not bought more licenses from them. So I *think* it may mean you will lose the discount level but your cs3 licenses will be fine as I think you can only buy perpetual licenses.
    This is all theory though...

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    The email you received just refers to your membership of the CLP licencing scheme, and not to your ownership of the CS3 licences, so don't worry. When we sell CLP licences to a school we have to set up the school with a CLP account. At that point you are able to buy Adobe software are extremely good discounts. The licences you buy are permanent and won't expire, but the CLP contract will expire eventually. When it does you'll get one of these emails, and you need to follow the link and renew your membership if you want to have access to those discounts. Under CLP any software you buy, even single licences, is discounted, so it's a great scheme. The level at which you can renew depends on how much software you have bought, so when you fill out the online form, apply to renew at the level they have told you (in your case, level S) - which may or may not be the same level as you started on. There are 3 levels altogether, offering better discounts for bigger users. I hope that helps you, but please do ask if you need any info - I know it's complicated!

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